E3 Electric Cello

The NTO Electric Cello

The NTO Electric Cello is the only electric cello available today that is played standing up and does not require any kind of special harness, tripod, or external hardware in order to play it.  Its unique design allows for it to be worn in a fashion very similar to an electric guitar or bass, with only a simple cloth or leather strap that attaches to two buttons on either side of the instrument.

For this reason the NTO Electric cello is particularly versatile and ideally suited to modern live music, as it blends in well with a band of more established rock/blues/jazz instruments. This is not to say that the NTO cello can’t also hold its own in other genres as well. It can. The point is that no other electric cello is as simultaneously simple to use, aesthetically pleasing, and beautiful sounding.


Electric Cello

NTO Electric Cello, Curly Maple with Vintage Amber Finish